Applications from overseas fans / 海外在住の方のお申込みについて


海外会員の方は、受付ページの「お申込みはこちら/Application」をタップ後表示される「Monthly Membership Fee Course」または「Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course」よりお申し込みください。




電子チケットを表示するスマートフォンにJO1 APPをダウンロードしてください。



JO1 APPアプリを起動後、下部メニュー「チケット」をタップし、チケット購入されたPlus member ID(メールアドレスも可)とパスワードにてログインします。





ご当選の方は、チケット受取開始日になりましたら、Plus member IDに登録のメールアドレス宛にご案内させていただきます。



[How to apply] 

Members from overseas should apply through “Monthly Membership Fee Course”, or “Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course”, which appears after tapping “お申し込みはこちら/Application” on the Receipt page.

Digital tickets can also be used on smartphones from overseas. You can enter your foreign phone number on the apply screen.

*If you cannot receive your electronic ticket even on the starting date of ticket reception, please contact the Tixplus customer support from the following link.

[Ticketing method] 

Please download the JO1 APP to the smartphone on which you will show the electronic ticket. 

*If you live overseas and do not own a Japanese mobile phone number, it can be used on a foreign smartphone as well, but the SMS function will be necessary. 

*Please enter the same number as the number that you entered during the application. 

After launching the JO1 APP, tap "Ticket" in the bottom menu and log in with the Plus member ID (an email address is fine as well) and password that you used to purchase the ticket. 

Once the telephone number input screen is displayed, please enter the phone number of that smartphone that you will be using. 

*After entering it, an SMS message will be sent, so please enter the verification code. 

If you are selected, once the starting date for ticket reception arrives, you will receive an email directed to the email address registered with the Plus member ID.

*Once ticket reception starts, "A new ticket has been received" will be displayed on the ticket list, so please tap it and check that the ticket for the relevant performance is being displayed