チケットぴあ ファミリーマート先行 当選発表について / The Announcement of Ticket Pia, Family Mart Lottery

本日8月12日(金)13:00に「チケットぴあ ファミリーマート先行/Ticket Pia, Family Mart Lottery」の当選発表を行います。



※JO1 OFFICIAL FANCLUB、JO1 MailのID・PWとは異なりますのでご注意ください。


※JO1 OFFICIAL FANCLUB、JO1 Mailでは当落・入金状況は分かりかねます。お問い合わせ頂きましてもご返信できかねますので、ご了承ください。




(営業時間10:00~18:00 土日祝・年末年始除く)

※メールの件名に“【2022 JO1 1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR ‘KIZUNA’ (受付先行名を記載)お問い合わせ”、本文に 「ご質問」「お名前」「お電話番号」 を必ずご明記ください。ご質問(お問い合わせ内容)の記載がないメールには返信いたしかねます。

※抽選結果についてぴあ、及びJO1 OFFICIAL FANCLUBへお問い合わせいただいてもお答えできかねますのでご了承ください。

The lottery results for Ticket Pia, Family Mart Lottery will be announced at 13:00 today (August 12th, 2022).

The results of the lottery can be viewed from the link below.

You can access the results by clicking the "confirm registration" button at the bottom of the registration page linked above and entering your "registration confirmation number" and "password for confirming application status," which were written on the screen displayed after completing your registration as well as the subsequent e-mail. 

*Please note that these are different from your ID and password for JO1 OFFICIAL FANCLUB, and JO1 Mail.

You can confirm the details of the payment method at the following link

*JO1 OFFICIAL FANCLUB cannot confirm the winning status of your ticket or your payment situation, and will be unable to respond to any inquiries. We appreciate your understanding.

■ For inquiries regarding tickets:

Please read "View Frequently Asked Questions here" on the reception page before inquiring. If it is still not solved, please inquire from below.

 Ticket Pia

 (Hours of operation: 10:00 - 18:00  excepting Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and New Year holidays)

 *Please make certain to enter in the subject line of your email, "2022 JO1 1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR ’KIZUNA’(enter the name of the show for which you are applying for advance tickets) inquiry," and in the body of your email, clearly specify "your question," "your name," and "your telephone number." We will not respond to emails that do not contain a question (the content of your inquiry).

 *Please note that any questions or inquiries regarding lottery results directed to Ticket PIA or JO1 OFFICIAL FANCLUB will not receive a response.